How to Get Around GamStop?

full guide to get around GamStop

Are you looking for ways around GamStop? There are options on how to circumvent this restriction. Players who have opted out of gambling with GamStop but have now changed their minds will find solutions in this article.

However, this guide is not for vulnerable gamers struggling with addiction. Sidestepping the ban makes them susceptible to exploitation. Our suggested methods are open to all bettors, including Brits. Fortunately, there are techniques to avoid rules and bypass GamStop self-exclusion.

How to Get Around GamStop Self-Exclusion?

This scheme is meant to protect players from being taken advantage of. It prevents individuals from signing up and playing casino games. Nevertheless, according to research, some people sign up for it unknowingly. In such cases, they will want to remove themselves from the program. Here are ways around GamStop:

how to get around gamstop
Time Required: 10 minutes
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Bypass GamStop Using Non-GamStop Gambling Sites

join non-GamStop gambling operators

The most ideal way to avoid GamStop is to use operators who are not members of the scheme. Whether an individual wants to bet or play a casino game, there are many options available. This includes using non GamStop casinos available in the UK. These firms mostly have licenses from other regulators, like Curacao, not UKGC.


Create a Family or Shared Gaming Account

create shared gambling account

If you are looking for a way to bypass GamStop's restrictions, you can create an account with a friend or family member's permission. Keep in mind that this approach might violate the gambling platform's terms of service, and could lead to account closure or lost funds. Additionally, it raises ethical concerns, as it relies on another person's identity for access.


Find iGaming Brands that Don't Require Verification

gamble online without verification

Another approach is to join UK casino with no verification needed. Some operators allow registration, funding, and withdrawals without lots of restrictions. But they have certain terms in place. Some will require authentication when cashing out. This is to prevent fraud and money laundering. It is advisable to read the T&Cs of the site to avoid unwanted surprises.


Avoid Self-Exclusion of GamStop Using VPN

avoid GamStop self-exclusion with VPN

Alternatively, use a VPN service. This is a simple mechanism to access blocked sites. The technology serves to change the gambler's IP address. It makes it seem like the user is in another country, not the UK. The operator is unlikely to notice. The user will enjoy gaming in peace.


Visit Land-Based Gambling Venues Near You

visit gambling venues nearby

Moreover, an individual can opt to visit a land-based gambling venue physically. Going to a brick-and-mortar casino will take a player away from the comfort of their home. Nevertheless, they will enjoy the experience. They will also get to interact with other customers and have a fun time. Gamblers should check their hometown for available choices near them.


Get Past GamStop with Crypto Payments

get past GamStop paying by crypto

Cryptocurrency payments make it easy to transfer funds anonymously. Different sites accept Bitcoin and other digital coins. This banking method does not leave a paper trail. The gambler’s online account cannot be linked to their bank account. Therefore, the user will not have to disclose their real identity. Just ensure that anonymous cashouts are possible.


Cancel GamStop When It is Over

wait when GamStop is over

The last method we'll discuss is to wait things out until the self-exclusion period is over. The scheme lasts for different time frames. These are 6 months, 1 year, and 5 years. Once a user sets the limit, they cannot undo it. Therefore, they have to hang on until it elapses. After this, contact support to cancel GamStop remove your details from their database.

Getting Around Gamstop: Overview

How To Get Around GamStop: Key Points
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This scheme is important as it gives users control over their behaviour. On the other hand, it can be quite restrictive. There are 7 ways to avoid GamStop rules. Dodging this scheme comes with its pros and cons. When getting around this service, it is good to be completely aware of the repercussions. Thus, our team of professionals have compiled the benefits and drawbacks to be expected:

Pros of Avoiding GamStop

pros of avoiding Gamstop self-exclusion

Once the restriction has been set, users can’t remove GamStop completely. However, this does not mean that an individual should stop gaming. Players can move on to other non-UKGC licensed platforms while serving a voluntary timeout. It is not a bad thing to circumvent this service. Here are a few advantages of giving a wide berth to the ban:

Chance to Win Some Money Online

The major benefit of skipping the scheme is the opportunity to win some cash. Individuals should gamble and try their luck. But, customers must read the rules and regulations of the operator. It can be disappointing to earn money and not be able to withdraw it due to some obscure conditions. Therefore, you should know the terms of withdrawing money earned.

You Can Find Good Brands Outside the UK

When a player is open to using non-UKGC licensed sites, they can unearth some gems outside the country. These tend to have different games from those offered by British operators. Since the firms are less regulated, they have generous promotions. Additionally, they have a wider range of games. This makes it enjoyable to game on such platforms. The brands are reputable as various regulatory authorities license them.

Cons of Bypassing GamStop

cons of getting around Gamstop scheme

Even though there are pros to shunning the prohibitions, cons also exist. When an individual removes the barrier, they put themselves in a compromising position. It could end up worsening their condition due to a lack of responsible gambling. What’s more, customers can end up getting scammed. It is important to weigh the reasons why a player signed up for the service versus removing it.

Bad Idea for Vulnerable Gamblers

GamStop was designed to prevent gambling addiction. If the user signed up for the service to enforce this, it would be a bad idea to bypass self-exclusion. If the customer’s situation has changed and they are more in control of their behaviour, then there is no problem. But if not, then they may exacerbate their vice. They are better off sticking to the ban for their good.

Possible Debts and Decrease of Credit Rating

Excessive gambling could potentially drive an individual into debt and decrease their credit rating. Players should never bet with more than they can afford to lose. It can have a deep and negative effect on their money and life. This will impact their ability to get credit in the future. Individuals who are problem gamblers can end up ruining their credit scores and driving their finances downhill.

Final Thoughts on Ways Around GamStop

An individual does not necessarily have to remove themselves from GamStop. They can explore ways to avoid the scheme and gamble while they are still members. Although self-exclusion gives a player a break from gaming, it is also a drastic move. Some people might change their minds and decide that they still want to play actively. Brits who are reconsidering their decision should bear the following points in mind.

The Most Common Way is Gambling at GamStop-Free Brands

GamStop-free brands provide the best solution for individuals who have self-excluded. They are safe to use and are compatible with most devices. They offer better games, hence providing exciting entertainment. Moreover, they offer the opportunity to win cash. Brits can play on the sites without any issues. They can be confident knowing that they are using reputable and licensed operators.

The Safest Way is Visiting Offline Casinos or Betting Shops

Instead of bothering with using other people’s identities or installing VPNs, there is a safer option. Visit offline casinos. There is no shortage of gambling houses or bookmarkers that are locally available in the UK. This is one of the best ways to get around self-exclusion. Users willing to look beyond online alternatives will have plenty of options. This is easier since the restrictions only apply to Internet platforms.

We Don’t Recommend Vulnerable Players to Get Round Exclusion

GamStop exists to protect players who are at risk. These individuals are struggling with addiction. We suggest that they should not cancel GamStop. Such individuals have gone past seeing gaming as just a form of entertainment. The safer choice would be to remain committed to this tool to set limits on gaming activity. All the measures the service provider puts in place are to maximize its effectiveness and help members.

How to Get Past GamStop: FAQs

Is there a way around GamStop?

Yes, the most popular way around GamStop is by registering accounts at betting sites not on GamStop. It is the easiest option. Players can find the most suitable site and sign up. Individuals can simply read our reviews to find operators that accept UK players. Our listings provide more information about the site. This includes bonuses that new players can receive.

Is getting around GamStop legal in the UK?

Getting around GamStop effectively implies playing on the casino sites that are not registered in the UK. Currently, there is no law prohibiting British citizens to play at such online casinos. So, it can be said that getting around the GamStop scheme is a legal thing to do.

What if these ways don't fit me?

If fitting ways haven’t been found here, a player must wait until their GamStop restrictions expire. This can take 6 months, 1 year or 5 months. After the time elapses, they need to get in touch with the service provider. Then request for the restriction to be lifted. Players will not be automatically reverted to playing again unless they first notify the company.

How to get around self-exclusion in the UK?

By using non-GamStop casinos and sports betting sites players can gamble when on GamStop and get around its self-exclusion rules in the UK. Individuals can easily join the platforms and continue gaming. This method is legal and licensed. Besides, members face restrictions only when they use UKGC-licensed casinos. Therefore, when they use companies not licensed in Great Britain, they are free to game.

Avoiding Internal Self-Exclusion at Gambling Sites

All gaming sites are supposed to provide responsible gambling tools. This includes having a way to self-exclude the operator. For this feature to be activated, the user needs to get in touch with the support team and request to be barred from the site. There are techniques to outmanoeuvre this tool. Remember, the options exist to ensure that the online website is doing its due diligence:

What Else to Read About GamStop

Players who are trying to avoid GamStop not always do it because of gambling-related reasons. Sometimes, they just dislike or misunderstand a certain aspect of self-exclusion and start seeking ways around it. The articles listed below might help you learn more about it, and spare you the inconvenience of bypassing self-exclusion.