Guide to Cancel GamStop Self-Exclusion

guide to cancel GamStop self-exclusion

Would you like to reverse GamStop and return to gambling again? While it takes some finessing to get off the self-exclusion projection, there are ways to circumvent it. As many gamblers venture into online casinos, it’s prudent that some measure of protection is available to them. Our guide is here to help non-vulnerable players find all the answers concerning how to stop and remove the GamStop scheme.

How to Stop and Cancel GamStop?

Most players who enter the scheme aren’t always in a vulnerable position. As such, finding ways to have gambling fun while disengaging from the activity becomes a quest. Knowledge of the possible actions to take makes a difference. Here are some ways to cancel GamStop following this self-exclusion removal request:

how to cancel GamStop
Time Required: 10 Minutes
Tools Required: Internet
Supply Required: Documents

Wait When Your Self-Exclusion Period Expires

wait when GamStop expires

Currently, the only option gamblers on self-exclusion have is to wait until their period on GamStop comes to end. The exact expiry timeframe depends on the self-exclusion term chosen during GamStop registration. Once this period is over, you are in the clear to gamble again.


Contact GamStop Customer Support via Phone

contact GamStop customer support

Feel free to contact customer support. The logic behind using the GamStop phone option is that you can speak to an advisor who accesses you while talking to you. Ideally, this is done when your self-exclusion has reached its end date. It gives you more leverage of being scratched.


Wait Minimum 24 Hours After GamStop Cancellation

wait 24 hours after GamStop cancellation

The cooling-off period is often ideal for players who prefer to assess their situation regarding disastrous gambling habits. Instead of opting directly into the scheme, use those the casino offers. Take 24hrs of a non-gambling period to see how you feel and proceed from there.


Now You Can Access GamStop Gambling Sites

access Gamstop Sites

Your decision to deactivate will take a lot of work, as each online casino will likely have its policy of when your account can be created or reactivated. Read or contact the operator if you are unsure if your self-exclusion status has been revoked. It is the only surefire way of knowing.

You Cannot Cancel GamStop Right Away

If your GamStop subscription hasn’t finished yet, you cannot reverse GamStop straight away. It’s against the Terms and Conditions of UK self-exclusion. However, for such players, we’ve prepared lists of non-GamStop gambling sites where British customers can gamble when on GamStop:

GamStop Reversal: General Information

Cancel GamStop: Overview
🔹 Self-Exclusion Method GamStop
🔹 Removal Time 6 months, 1 year or 5 years
🔹 Way to Cancel Contact support after exclusion expiry
🔹 Reversal Alternative Join non-GamStop sites
🔹 Best Casino Instead of Cancellation MyStake Casino

The methods to get out of the limits with GamStop removal are more than one size fits all. Most players are content with being on the scheme, while others find it very constricting. It’s a safeguard measure with the needs of the few in mind. However, you can still change the status quo and regain control of your gambling journey:

Benefits of GamStop Removal

benefits of GamStop removal

If you’re wondering what the benefits of being free of self-exclusion will be, this section is for you. We outline the pros most players get when they aren’t affiliated with this protection. The aim is to show you there are real gambling opportunities that will likely interest you. Feeling in control is just one of the many comforts acquired when you get off the GamStop scheme.

Ability to Gamble at UKGC Sites Again

As a UK gambler, there are perks of gambling on UKGC sites, including getting assistance from the commission should something go array. Being able to return to this is what you get when your self-exclusion is revoked. It gives you the pleasure of gambling on highly licensed sites. The additional bonus comes you can sign up at new British sites without having the tarnish to your name.

Chance to Win Some Cash

Online casinos are known for their generosity in giving players plenty of promotions, bonuses and even cashback. While these are all attractive, playing real money games is even more so. By deactivating self-exclusion, this type of opportunity is open to you. This is due to the invigoration of feeling more in control while enjoying your usual casino staples.

You Can Relieve Stress at Home

The best outcome from coming out of the GamStop scheme has the time to relax and chill. With busy lives, partaking in chatrooms while playing bingo or other live table games can relieve stress. You get to forget your troubles, engage socially or try out a few new casino strategies to unwind at home.

Drawbacks of GamStop Cancellation

drawbacks of GamStop cancellation

It is likely to sound harsh, but not everyone can handle themselves. The self-exclusion scheme has its benefits, especially for vulnerable players. It is often a good idea to consider an existing strategy due to frustration. Consider the points below if you genuinely think it’s time to end GamStop exclusion.

Possibility of Debts and Money Losses

Cancelling GamStop can easily lead to financial ruin. Statistical evidence has shown that debt and money losses associated with gambling addiction are relatively high. This is the most dangerous thing for vulnerable consumers who can’t control themselves. To preserve your lifestyle, it’s prudent you don’t add any more preventable stress. The key is to face your current financial situation and avoid aggravating it.

Need More Efforts to Start Exclusion Again

Once you’re signed up with GamStop, all self-exclusion is easily catered for without contacting each online casino. Taking the route to end your mandatory non-gambling period can be highly counterproductive. In the end, you’ll likely require more effort and self-control to start self-exclusion again. In this case, it’s far more beneficial to stick it out and continue the healing journey.

Our Thoughts on Stopping GamStop

Granted, the concept of self-exclusion is a good one when applied correctly. While the restrictive nature can feel constrictive, it has been an assistive tool for many players. However, understanding how it works makes it easier to work within the terms. When considering ways to unregister from a GamStop subscription, here are a few pointers to bear in mind:

You Cannot Cancel GamStop Until It Expires

The most important thing to note is that a gambler cannot cancel GamStop once they have allocated their minimum exclusion period. According to GamStop terms of use, they have to wait until it expires to deactivate their self-exclusion. Contacting customer support only buys you a 24-hour cooling-off period, meaning waiting is the only key to getting back to gambling. However, consider if it is worthwhile to do so.

If You Don’t Remove GamStop, It Lasts 7 More Years

If GamStop is not removed upon expiry, it lasts seven more years. It is one of the critical points not many players are aware of. As such, keeping a calendar of when it expires so that you can contact customer support is a surefire way of preventing this from happening. The onus is always on the player to keep updated with changes if they wish to gamble again.

You Shouldn’t Stop GamStop to Chase Your Losses

Don’t ever cancel GamStop or look for ways to get around GamStop to lose what you have. Chasing losses is the common reason many people increase their addiction. As gambling is about taking chances, accepting losses is part of the equation. Should your mind frame require the hunt with losses, then the emotional battle is lost and staying on Gamstop is your best bet. Getting further helps is also beneficial.

Reversing GamStop: FAQs

How do I cancel GamStop self-exclusion?

To cancel your self-exclusion on GamStop, you are required to take contact customer service, preferably by phone, and ask them to stop your subscription. The minimum deactivation cooling-off period is 24 hours, less extensive when all things are considered. During this time, your exclusion will remain active. Once this expires, you can check if you’re still on there and take any further steps after.

Can I reverse my subscription and remove myself from GamStop?

Yes, you can reverse your GamStop subscription. You can even remove yourself from GamStop, by submitting a phone request to their customer support. Through this conversation, you can acquire all the details required to disengage from the scheme. Their times are 10 am to 8 pm any time of the week, giving you the confidence of contact whenever you wish to take removal action.

What details are required for a self-exclusion removal request?

For a successful removal request of GamStop exclusion to be acknowledged, the following details are required: telephone/mobile number, postal address, email and, of course, name as shown on documents. The procedure is similar to the KYC verification you’d produce when signing up for a UKGC casino. If further clarification is needed, customer support is always a handy tool.

Can I cancel GamStop if I was signed up by someone else?

Once GamStop exclusion period is activated, you need to wait until it is over before your GamStop cancellation request is considered by the service’s support team. In this regard, it does not matter whether you signed up yourself, or someone else did it for you.

Remove Internal Self-Exclusion at Gambling Sites

When signing up with GamStop, UKGC gambling sites are also notified. It means you cannot sign-up or engage in casino games on these platforms. However, once you’re free of the scheme through reaching the expiry date, it’s up to you to make sure the online platforms know this. These include internal self-exclusion at:

More Information About GamStop

GamStop users try to cancel it due to numerous reasons that are not necessarily related to playing at online casinos. Some are concerned about their privacy, others worry whether being on GamStop can somehow impact their financial capabilities. Before you start looking for ways to get off GamStop, you might want to get yourself acquainted with some useful information on the subject, first.