Is GamStop Anonymous?

Is GamStop Anonymous?

Is GamStop anonymous and safe for British gamblers? This service requires you to provide a lot of private information, such as full name, date of birth, and address. You have all the right to feel wary about it. That is why the primary goal of this article is to address your concerns and open all the insights of this program.

We’ll show how to activate and navigate self-exclusion with GamStop before and after signing up. To learn how GamStop uses this data and how it protects it, follow our lead.

Is GamStop an Anonymous Service?

Per se, GamStop is not exposed to everybody but we can’t call it anonymous either. As mentioned, the platform uses your name and address to create an account. What’s more, as this service requires your personal information to identify you in order to stop your gambling habits, you can see why anonymity is not part of the package. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not safe.

When it comes to GamStop anonymity, consent plays a major part. According to the privacy policy of this player-protection tool, you do not need to provide your explicit consent in order for the system to gather your information in order to impose exclusion. Nevertheless, the platform will ask for your consent to process personal information when it comes to research purposes. And, of course, you can always choose to play at non-GamStop online casinos to minimise the risks related to uploading your documents to the internet.

Other Services Like GamStop That Are Anonymous

The guaranteed safety and anonymity when using GamStop is undeniable. However, this platform is not the only one that offers self-exclusion with strict data protection measures. If you want to broaden your horizons, take a look at our list of similar services that offer the same confidentiality when on GamStop:

Common User Questions on GamStop Anonymity

Is my personal information safe with GamStop?

It most certainly is. GamStop is a secure, dependable, and legitimate self-exclusion tool available to British players, and a large part of that is data protection. Moreover, this is a service that is licensed by the UKGC, which means its rules of operation are quite strict.

Can I use GamStop without providing my ID?

No, you can’t. In order to confirm your identity and activate your self-exclusion period, GamStop will ask you to provide official ID documentation. Typically GamStop requires a driver’s license, however, if you do not have one, you will have to answer questions based on your credit file.

What happens to my confidentiality when I get off GamStop?

Although there is no way to turn off GamStop, even if there was, nothing would really change. Once the self-exclusion period ends, this player-protection service keeps protecting your personal information. In fact, GamStop is not allowed to share your data with third parties without getting your consent for that first.

I want more anonymity. Can I withdraw my consent to use my personal info?

You most definitely can. It’s up to you to choose when you give and withdraw consent to GamStop. So if you change your mind at any point, you can withdraw your consent and prevent the service from processing your personal data for research purposes. That being said, you cannot withdraw your consent when it comes to self-exclusion.

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