How to Cancel William Hill Self-Exclusion

How to Cancel William Hill Self-Exclusion

Licensed operators must abide by responsible gaming policies and help players control their gambling impulses through self-exclusion programs. Our GamStop overview provides a deep dive into self-exclusion, an option to ask a platform to refuse service for a predetermined period. We will also examine ways to bypass this scheme and some convenient alternatives if self-exclusion doesn’t fit your needs.

What Self-Exclusion at William Hill Casino Means for You

The explanation of how GamStop works is not complex. In essence, GamStop is integrated into every UKGC-licenced operator. A player with an account at William Hill Casino is, by default, in the GamStop database. If a player requests to take a break from gambling, they will not be able to open an account at another UK online casino.

How to Remove Self-Exclusion at William Hill Casino

After your self-exclusion period has passed, the procedure for cancelling GamStop includes the following steps:

  1. Contact the GamStop contact centre by phone.
  2. Request to deactivate self-exclusion, but remember there’s a 24-hour pending period.
  3. After the 24-hour cooling-off period, depending on the given online casino speed, your self-exclusion will be deactivated.
  4. UK-licenced operators will be notified that you have deactivated a self-exclusion.

Alternatives to Cancelling Self-Exclusion at William Hill Casino

If you cannot or don’t want to cancel your self-exclusion, you can always look into the alternative options. There are many casinos not affected by GamStop, including offshore online casinos that welcome British players registered on GamStop. You can open an account there and play the games without any restrictions.

FAQ on William Hill Self-Exclusion

How long does a self-exclusion period typically last?

If you want to know how long GamStop lasts, you should know that it can last six months, one year, or five years. You can decide on the length of the self-exclusion when registering at GamStop, but be aware that you cannot change the selected timeframe later on.

Is it possible to cancel self-exclusion before the specified period ends?

No, once a player initiates the self-exclusion, there is no way to go back and change the time frame. The whole point of the scheme is to protect players from themselves. After a player submits a request to be banned from an online casino, they will have to wait for the specific period to expire before being able to return to the platform.

What should I do if I change my mind after self-excluding?

After initiating self-exclusion, you cannot bet at any UKGC-licenced online casinos. The only route to continue gambling online is to use sites for bypassing GamStop. These are offshore platforms based in international jurisdictions, which accept UK punters and are not part of GamStop.

Can I create a new William Hill Casino account to avoid GamStop self-exclusion?

It’s not possible to have two accounts at William Hill Casino or any other operator. You are only allowed one account per casino, but while you are on self-exclusion, you will be banned from using any casinos that have a UKGC licence. There is no avoiding self-exclusion.

Ending Your Self-Exclusion Period at Other Casinos

Check out our series of blog posts dedicated to ending your self-exclusion at different online casinos. You can use them to learn more about the ways of cancelling your exclusion period: each blog post contains step-by-step instructions to help you get through the process effectively.

More Information About GamStop Self-Exclusion

So how does GamStop function so you can use this free tool properly? The basic concept is straightforward, but the details require extra attention. Getting a grasp of all the nuances will result in maximum positive effect.