How to Cancel Sky Bet Self-Exclusion

How to Cancel Sky Bet Self-Exclusion

Responsible gaming policies are an integral aspect of licensed UK casino sites, and GamStop is the cornerstone tool for the task. Our team completed a review of the GamStop scheme for uninitiated punters. In this article, we’ll explain how this safety mechanism distances players from the Sky Bet Casino lobby, giving them room to tame their gambling impulses.

What’s the Relevance of Sky Bet Casino Self-Exclusion

Online casinos functioning under the umbrella of UKGC must network with GamStop. The best way of explaining how GamStop works is to compare it to a traffic police officer, which in this case, revokes your gambling privileges at Sky Bet Casino. Players registered on GamStop can request a self-exclusion, banning them from playing casino games for a certain amount of time.

How to Cancel Self-Exclusion at Sky Bet Casino

The big question for many players is can GamStop be reversed and how to do it. You can’t stop the process once it has started, but you can request removal from the list after your self-exclusion period is over. The steps include:

  1. Informing the GamStop contact centre of your decision.
  2. Completing the 24-hour cooling-off period.
  3. Regaining access to the casino site.

Other Options to Avoid Self-Exclusion at Sky Bet Casino

Players can continue gambling responsibly even after registering on GamStop. One option is to seek out platforms not associated with the free tool. It’s not difficult to find an online casino not covered by the GamStop scheme on the web. Multiple review sites recommend good casino sites with more flexible, responsible gambling resources.

Frequent Questions About Sky Bet Self-Exclusion

Is Sky Bet Casino associated with the GamStop scheme?

It’s valid to wonder is Sky Bet casino on GamStop, and the answer is affirmative, considering this platform holds a UKGC license. This online casino abides by industry and regulatory requirements for responsible gambling, including access to all of GamStop’s responsible gaming tools.

What’s the usual time frame for self-exclusion?

The interesting thing to understand is that every player decides how long GamStop exclusion lasts in their case. The standard options are six months, 1 or 5 years. During registration at GamStop, you can select the preferred self-exclusion time, which will be the reference once you activate the ban.

Can I stop my self-exclusion before the designated period?

No, once a player requests a self-exclusion, it will last until the specified time frame at registration is not executed. This is a safety mechanism to make the program effective and protect players from reverting to bad habits. However, players can still use non-UKGC casinos without GamStop.

What are my options to continue playing after self-excluding?

The only viable option is to play at international sites that bypass GamStop. There are hundreds of online casinos welcoming UK players currently under a GamStop self-exclusion. If you are considering joining another UK operator, you will not be able to register an account while the self-exclusion is active.

Is it possible to register a Sky Bet Casino account and circumnavigate GamStop self-exclusion?

Such an option is not on the table for any UK player, not just punters with an active self-exclusion. It’s strictly forbidden for a player to have multiple accounts at a given online casino. And with an active GamStop self-exclusion, you will not be able to register at another operator.

Cancelling Self-Exclusion at Other Online Casinos

Discover the steps to cancel your self-exclusion at different online casinos in our series of blog posts. The articles below provide valuable insights and guidance to help you make informed decisions about your self-exclusion period.

Additional Info About GamStop Self-Exclusion

GamStop is free and easy to use. UK players can register and benefit from the safety net it provides. However, they should be fully informed about the implications and advantages of using self-exclusion. We offer other resources which cover important facts about this tool, so ensure you check them out.