How to Cancel BetWay Self-Exclusion

How to Cancel BetWay Self-Exclusion

Licensed operators such as BetWay abide by responsible gambling policies and offer the GamStop self-exclusion scheme to its members. Our GamStop review breaks down the mechanism of using this free tool. The system allows worried players with gambling habits to ask to be banned from gambling for a pre-set length of time. Here’s how it all works.

How Self-Exclusion Affects My Account at BetWay Casino

Choosing a self-exclusion is the most drastic measure from the available responsible gambling resources at BetWay. That’s why you should learn how GamStop functions at casinos. Once you decide to go this route, your account will be suspended, and you will not be able to log in for a specific time frame of six months to five years.

How to Dismiss Self-Exclusion at BetWay Casino

The process of cancelling GamStop exclusion is not complex but can be done only after your self-imposed ban expires. The process includes:

  1. Inform the GamStop contact centre via phone to abolish your registration.
  2. Wait for 24 hours, a period imposed to allow you to reconsider.
  3. You will be eliminated from the GamStop list.

Back-Up Options for Self-Exclusion at BetWay Casino

The exclusion period is not short. Players reconsidering their decision can find alternative non GamStop gambling sites that accept UK punters. These online casinos offer a similar gaming concept to UK operators but are not integrated within the GamStop network. You can sign up on these platforms and continue gambling while the BetWay exclusion is in progress.

FAQ About BetWay Casino Self-Exclusion

What's the time window for self-exclusion?

The duration of GamStop exclusion is slightly flexible, allowing punters to choose for how long they wish to be restricted from accessing online casino lobbies. The options punters will receive during registration is to set the self-exclusion to six months, one year, or five years.

Can I stop self-exclusion before the designated period?

No, and this is one point many players do not understand: the essence of the system is to give punters room to handle their gambling impulses. Once you activate the self-exclusion, you will have to ride it out till the end.

What are my options if I reconsider after triggering a self-exclusion?

If you are wondering is there a way around GamStop, we recommend migrating to international online casinos. GamStop applies only to UKGC licence operators. Once you venture outside the British virtual landscape and access offshore platforms, you can start playing again without any restrictions.

Does BetWay casino operate under the GamStop umbrella?

If you want to know is BetWay on GamStop, the best thing is to look at the website footer for the GamStop sign. Usually, it appears on all UKGC-licenced platforms, as the regulatory agency requires every license holder to comply with GamStop requirements. The same rules apply to BetWay Casino as for any other UK platform.

Is it possible to register a new BetWay Casino account to escape GamStop self-exclusion?

Trying to open a new account at BetWay Casino while on self-exclusion is not an option because of KYC inspections. Plus, other online casinos have your information and will not allow you to register an account on their platform. Your two options are to wait for the self-exclusion to pass or start playing at offshore platforms.

Ending Your Self-Exclusion at Various Online Casinos

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Extra Info on GamStop Self-Exclusion

The story does not end with this guide. You can find more on-the-spot information about GamStop self-exclusion on our website. Our team can answer other questions about this responsible gambling system that have sparked curiosity among players.