How to Cancel Betfred Self-Exclusion

How to Cancel Betfred Self-Exclusion

Gaming can be fun, but some players can develop an obsession, and casinos strive to protect players’ well-being through responsible gambling tools. One method is the GamStop exclusion, a valuable resource to reevaluate gambling practices by a self-imposed exile from lobbies. Our team has prepared an introductory guide covering crucial aspects of this free tool.

The Meaning of Betfred Casino Self-Exclusion

The lobby doors at Betfred Casino close for you after activating self-exclusion. The whole concept behind how GamStop scheme works is to distance players from gambling by blocking access to Betfred and any other UKGC-licence platform. You cannot change your mind and cancel the self-exclusion. It will last until the deadline expires.

Removal of Self-Exclusion at Betfred Casino

Deactivating a self-exclusion is possible only after you have completed your minimum self-exclusion period. The process to remove gambling self exclusion includes the following steps:

  1. Ring up the GamStop contact centre and request a deactivation.
  2. There is a 24-hour pending period.
  3. Upon removal from the self-exclusion list, you can continue gambling at Betfred.

Ways to Avoid Cancelling Self-Exclusion at Betfred Casino

The only option for a UK punter under self-exclusion is to continue playing at gambling sites that are not on GamStop. Offshore online casinos offer responsible gaming tools as well, but nothing as strict as GamStop. You can join new foreign-based platforms and play slots or live dealer games before the self-exclusion ends.

Common Questions About Betfred Casino Self Exclusion

How long is the self-exclusion period?

The duration of GamStop exclusion offers some wiggle room for punters. There are three time frames proposed during registration at GamStop. You can go with the shortest 6-month ban from a UK online casino. The longer exclusion period is one year, while five years is the longest option.

Is it possible to interrupt a self-exclusion ahead of the specified end period?

No, which can be an issue for punters, especially the ones who do not read the fine print. Once you commit to a self-exclusion, there is no going back. You will be blocked from Betfred for the specified period. The system is not flexible on this topic, and the ban is enforced with determination.

What are my options if I reconsider after triggering a self-exclusion?

If you are wondering can you get around GamStop, the answer is by joining foreign casino sites. GamStop only covers operators under a UKGC licence. Punters can open accounts on online casinos from abroad and continue playing without hindrance.

Is it possible to register a new Betfred Casino account to escape GamStop self-exclusion?

Online casinos allow one account per player. Any attempt to open a second will result in the closure of the original account. This rule applies to GamStop self-exclusion. Once your personal information gets registered in GamStop, every operator, including Betfred, will be notified you are under a self-exclusion and refuse to offer their gambling services.

Getting Off Self-Exclusion at Other Online Casinos

Here is our collection of blog posts focusing on the essential steps for ending your self-exclusion period at different online casinos. You can use the information from them to understand the cancellation process better, and to receive guidance and practical advice on getting off your self-exclusion.

Additional Information About GamStop Self-Exclusion

If you are hungry for more info about the GamStop self-exclusion, our team has other data packages covering this method. There are different myths about this responsible gambling option, which need to be debunked to use it correctly, so look into our guides to learn more about them.