GamStop Participating Companies

GamStop Participating Companies

If you are looking for safe gambling operators in the UK, you have come to the right place. We have compiled a comprehensive list of companies licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. Each entry contains information on the company’s name, registration (account) number, and the number of its UKGC licence. Use this list to double-check whether a gambling company is legit and trustworthy.

UKGC-Licensed Companies Working with GamStop

Company Name Registration Number UKGC Licence Number
32 Red Limited 39430 039430-R-319293-014
888 UK Limited 39028 039028-R-319297-013
AG Communications Limited (AspireGlobal) 39483 039483-R-319409-017
Alan Spencer White (Claydon Racing) 2974 002974-A-335728-001
Allwyn Entertainment Limited (National Lottery) 13157556
Anakatech Interactive Limited 48789 048789-R-327402-009
Annexio (Jersey) Limited (LottoGo) 39298 039298-R-319307-012
Apollo Entertainment Limited 38620 038620-R-319310-012
BG Bet Limited 1321 001321-A-329393-001
BV Gaming Limited (BetVictor) 39576 039576-R-319370-022
BXO Holdings Limited* 57245 057245-R-333094-003
Bar-One Racing Limited 56516 056516-R-332750-003
Barry R Johnson Limited* 878 000878-A-332774-003
Bet Essex (UK) Limited* 31706 031706-A-315744-009
Bet Theory UK Limited 60991 060991-R-336229-005
BetAnsells* 58476 058476-N-337432-001
BetConnect Limited 44346 044346-R-323354-011
Betfair Casino Limited 39435 039435-R-319329-007
Betmate Limited 57366 057366-R-333198-001
Betting Limited (Betpoint) 3357 003357-A-103118-012
Betting Shop Operations Limited (JenningsBet) 3224 003224-A-332322-001
Betway Limited 39372 039372-R-319367-025
Betwithfriends Limited 59203 059203-R-334758-001
Blue Star Planet Limited (10 Bet) 43173 043173-R-322899-022
Bonne Terre Limited* 38718 038718-R-319328-019
Boylesports Enterprise 3536 003536-A-330160-006
Broadway Gaming Ireland DF Limited 58267 058267-R-334552-004
Broadway Gaming Limited 39075 039075-R-319385-012
Buddybet UK Limited 60349 060349-R-335693-002
Buzz Group Limited (Buzz Bingo) 2355 002355-R-328947-011
CWH Racing Club Limited (Cecil Windsor Howells Racing) 3036 003036-A-305825-008
Champion’s Choice Limited 63051 063051-R-338004-001
Clarkson Bell Limited* 61486 061486-R-336626-002
Clayton Barker Retail Limited* 60112 060112-A-335392-001
ColossusBets Limited 31514 031514-R-314905-020
Community Gaming Limited (SportSkins) 58494 058494-R-334010-003
Copybet UK Limited 53774 053774-R-330743-005
DZBT Limited (Daznbet) 48756 048756-R-327274-018
Dazzletag Entertainment Limited* 39358 039358-R-319429-025
Deadheat Racing Limited 40247 040247-A-320139-004
Digital Division Limited* 58086 058086-R-334182-001
Draftkings Inc 42475 042475-R-321959-008
Dribble Media Limited (Midnite) 42647 042647-R-321653-014
EU Lotto Limited (Lottoland) 38991 038991-R-319408-018
Eaton Gate Gaming Limited (Kwiff) 44448 044448-R-323408-017
Exchange Platform Solutions Limited (Betdaq) 34865 034865-R-333858-003
Fairplay Exchange Limited 58718 058718-R-334845-003 Limited 61786 061786-R-336663-001
Fitzdares Limited 400 000400-R-103839-029
Football Pools Limited* 48272 048272-R-326339-008
GB Sports Advisors Limited (Geoff Banks) 54095 054095-N-336051-002
GR8ODDS Limited 21483 021483-A-310516-007
Gamesys Operations Limited* 38905 038905-R-319430-018
Good Gaming Limited (Prophet League) 62899 062899-R-338021-002
Goodwin Racing Limited 2927 002927-R-327985-008
Gordon Joseph Flynn And Kelvin Mackay* 2315 002315-A-323599-003
Grace Media (Gibraltar) Limited 56784 056784-R-332671-003
Greentube Alderney Limited (Admiral Casino) 39050 039050-R-319315-018
H. Backhouse (Baker Street) Limited (Backhouse Bet) 304 000304-A-337855-002
Happytiger ApS (Happytiger) 57641 057641-R-333524-002
Health Lottery (ELM) Limited 26057 026057-R-309179-014
Hillside (UK Gaming) ENC (bet365) 55149 055149-R-331499-002
Hillside (UK Sports) ENC (bet365) 55148 055148-R-331498-001
Hollywoodbets International UK Limited 53028 053028-R-330019-009
I-Pools (Host) Limited 36291 036291-R-317480-009
ITech Gaming Limited (Bet Squad) 50996 050996-R-328715-004
Ideas Projects Limited (Own The Pitch) 61121 061121-R-336460-003
J3st gaming LLC (J3ster) 61261 061261-R-336757-003
James Chalkley 54013 054013-A-336647-001
Jeff Mabey Limited (jmSportsBET) 141 000141-A-334226-002
Joe Jennings (Harlow) Limited* 34228 034228-N-315609-009
John Chambers (Bill Chambers) 347 000347-A-100912-007
Jumpman Gaming Limited 39175 039175-R-319452-023
Jungle X UK Limited 46217 046217-R-324674-009
Kalooki Sportsbook Limited 57730 057730-R-333396-004
Keith Hodson Racing Limited 26929 026929-A-308660-005
Kenneth Graham 11364 000-011364-F-206331-002
Kenneth Joseph Hinds (Ostlers Racing) 27869 027869-A-332690-001
Kingsbridge Automatics Limited (Pat Potter Sports Betting) 719 000719-A-312465-007
L&L Europe Limited* 38758 038758-R-319451-015
LC International Limited* 54743 054743-R-330863-012
LEBOM Limited 57417 057417-R-333051-002
Lauren Ledley (David Lucas Bookmakers) 26365 026365-A-308085-007
Leisure Electronics Limited (BingoPlus) 2016 002016-R-300457-017
LeoVegas Gaming PLC 39198 039198-R-319450-027
Les Ambassadeurs Online Limited (lclubonline) 57687 057687-R-333173-001
Lindar Media Limited (MrQ) 51250 051250-R-328289-006
LiveScore Betting and Gaming (Gibraltar) Limited 56859 056859-R-332720-005
Lottomatrix Operations Limited (Jackpot) 49262 049262-R-327002-010
Lovell Brothers Limited* 60213 060213-R-337568-002
Mace-geden (Turf Accountants) Limited 1905 001905-A-103491-006
Manny Bernstein (Credit Betting) Limited (Don Noble Betting) 2066 002066-A-326700-002
Maple International Ventures Limited (Lottomart) 51833 051833-R-329042-006
Mark Jarvis Limited 794 000794-A-330746-003
Maurice Charge Limited* 1145 001145-A-101947-009
McCartanbet Limited 58765 058765-R-334079-001
Mr Green Limited 39264 039264-R-319432-020
N Charles And Son Limited (N Charles) 2306 002306-A-333253-001
NSUS Limited 47768 047768-R-326808-009
NetBet Enterprises Limited 39170 039170-R-319343-028
Network Fantasy Holdings Limited (Network Gaming) 55507 055507-R-332205-002
PPB Counterparty Services Limited* 39439 039439-R-319330-011
PPB Entertainment Limited (Paddy Power, Betfair) 39426 039426-R-319332-024
PPB Games Limited (Paddy Power, Betfair) 39411 039411-R-319335-008
Palatial Leisure Limited (Palace Bingo & Casino Clubs) 441 000441-R-103912-017
Peter Sutton on course Limited (Cymru Bet) 51905 051905-A-332739-001
Petfre (Gibraltar) Limited* 39544 039544-R-319290-009
Platinum Gaming Limited* 45322 045322-R-324275-017
Playbook Gaming Limited (Playbook Engineering) 50122 050122-R-327860-016
Playnbrag Limited 37501 037501-R-319610-005
PocketBet Limited 60523 060523-R-336104-003
Progressplay Limited 39335 039335-R-319313-017
QuinnBet (Gibraltar) Limited* 61011 061011-R-335683-003
RTSB Limited (Match Bingo) 51467 051467-R-329050-005
Rank Interactive (Gibraltar) Limited* 57924 057924-R-334666-002
Recro Limited (Casumo) 61549 061549-R-336718-002
Rednines Gaming Limited* 56377 056377-R-332572-006
Royston Gordon Holbrook and Annette Holbrook (The Winning Post) 2392 002392-A-309791-006
Ryde Racing Limited 1140 001140-R-311499-007
S & D Bookmakers Limited 1869 001869-R-334995-001
SCGO Limited (Vbet) 44662 044662-R-324273-020
SCHLEP Games, Inc. (GullyCricket) 60741 060741-R-335835-004
SCOTB123 Limited (Scotbet) 54015 054015-A-330824-002
SK IOM Limited (Bet Invite) 45219 045219-R-327619-004
SP Racing Limited 45056 045056-A-337449-003
Scout and Co Limited (FanTeam) 39669 039669-R-319361-012
Sharedbet Limited 63635 063635-R-338041-002
Skill On Net Limited 39326 039326-R-319358-054
Skillbet Limited 48760 048760-R-335434-002
Small Screen Casinos Limited (The Phone Casino) 39397 039397-R-319363-019
Smarkets Malta Limited 39173 039173-R-319366-010
Soccer Pots Limited 54918 054918-R-332324-004
Sport Brokers (UK) Limited (SportsBroker) 62840 062840-R-337939-002
Sporting Index Limited 27343 027343-R-308898-011
Sportito SRL 53101 053101-R-330206-004
Spreadex Limited 8835 008835-R-104580-018
Star Racing Limited (Star Sports) 9177 009177-R-104555-019
Star Sports (On Course) Limited 1556 001556-A-333499-002
Stars Interactive Limited* 39108 039108-R-319334-024
Stech Technology UK Limited (SpaceCasino) 51276 051276-R-328757-009
Stephen Philip Stonehouse (Racecerts Bookmakers) 2560 002560-R-320666-005
Such & Co UK Limited* 57459 057459-A-333362-003
SuprPlay Limited* 48695 048695-R-327029-011
Sweepstake Technologies Limited (Plucky) 60149 060149-R-335347-003
Swifty Global (UK) Limited* 58957 058957-R-334734-002
TDCO Limited (Tote) 54779 054779-R-331321-006
TDL Sports Limited (Wilsonbet) 1842 001842-R-328067-003
TGP Europe Limited (The Gaming Platform) 38898 038898-R-319391-020
TSE Malta LP* 39561 039561-R-319411-007
Taichi Tech Limited (Fafabet) 57385 057385-R-333191-003
Targetlocal Limited (Ken Howells Sports Betting) 422 000422-A-103260-007
Tombola (International) Plc 38613 038613-R-319397-012
Tony Clayton Bookmakers Limited 58703 058703-A-334538-001
Tradeplayer Limited (PlayON) 32608 032608-R-314435-012
Triplebet Limited (Matchbook) 39504 039504-R-319407-019
Tyche Tech Limited (Bet600) 44731 044731-R-323941-015
UK Punters Limited 58750 058750-R-334223-002
UPredict Limited 57903 057903-R-333424-003
VF2011 Limited 45110 045110-R-323680-026
Videoslots Limited 39380 039380-R-319311-032
Viral Interactive Limited 42739 042739-R-321859-028
Virgin Bet Limited 54310 054310-R-330640-007
Virtue Fusion (Alderney) Limited 38838 038838-R-319413-013
WHG (International) Limited* 39225 039225-R-319373-012
Webmedia Development N.V. (Betboro) 44181 044181-R-324363-007
White Hat Gaming Limited 52894 052894-R-329546-004
Who Knows Wins Limited 43397 043397-R-322936-007
YorkBet Limited (Embassy Racing) 53495 053495-A-334074-001
Zecure Gaming Limited* 56427 056427-R-332277-004
Zweeler Limited 51734 051734-R-328880-001

* BXO Holdings Limited includes Bar-X Arcade and MyArcade;

* Barry R Johnson Limited includes betbarry, Circle Racing, Quantum;

* Bet Essex (UK) Limited includes Bet Central, Bet on WhatsApp, Bosh Bet, Telephone Bet;

* BetAnsells includes Ansell Bookmakers, Ansells, CG Ansell & Son, Richbet;

* Bonne Terre Limited includes Sky Bet, Sky Vegas, Sky Casino, Sky Poker, Sky Bingo;

* Clarkson Bell Limited includes Regency Betting Group, Regency Racing;

* Clayton Barker Retail Limited includes BetBre Bookmakers, JS Electrical, JS Racing, TC Racing;

* Dazzletag Entertainment Limited includes Bingocams, Play Sunny;

* Digital Division Limited includes Fifth Street Digital, Slots Temple;

* Football Pools Limited includes Footie5, Rangerspools, Thepools;

* Gamesys Operations Limited includes Jackpotjoy, Megaways Casino, Starspins, Virgin Games, Double Bubble Bingo, MONOPOLY Casino, Rainbow Riches Casino;

* Gordon Joseph Flynn And Kelvin Mackay includes Goldenacre Racing, Lothian Racing;

* Joe Jennings (Harlow) Limited includes Joe Jennings International, Joe Jennings Telebet;

* L&L Europe Limited includes All British Casino, Casino Casino, Fun Casino, Hyper Casino, No Bonus Casino, Race Casino, Yako Casino, Yeti Casino;

* LC International Limited includes Bwin, Cheeky Bingo, Coral, Foxy Bingo, Foxy Games, Gala Bingo, Gala Casino, Gala Spins, Gamebookers, Ladbrokes, Party Casino, Party Poker, Sportingbet;

* Lovell Brothers Limited includes Dragon Bet, Gentleman Jim Bookmakers;

* Maurice Charge Limited includes Christian White, GW Sports, Macbet, Sportsbookmakers;

* PPB Counterparty Services Limited includes Paddy Power, Betfair;

* PPB Entertainment Limited includes Paddy Power, Betfair;

* PPB Games Limited includes Paddy Power, Betfair;

* Petfre (Gibraltar) Limited includes Betfred, OddsKing;

* Platinum Gaming Limited includes Unibet, Maria,;

* QuinnBet (Gibraltar) Limited includes QuinnBet, QuinnCasino, QuinnSports;

* Rank Interactive (Gibraltar) Limited includes Mecca Bingo, Grosvenor Casinos, Bella Casino;

* Rednines Gaming Limited includes Dr.Bet, GGBET;

* Stars Interactive Limited includes PokerStars, FullTilt, BetStars;

* Such & Co UK Limited includes C&T Bookmakers, Elite Bet, MJH Racing;

* SuprPlay Limited includes Voodoodreams, NYspins, duelz;

* Swifty Global (UK) Limited includes Swifty, Swifty Predictions, Swifty Sports;

* TSE Malta LP includes Paddy Power, Betfair;

* WHG (International) Limited includes William Hill, 21 Nova, Eurogrand;

* Zecure Gaming Limited includes Rizk, Guts, Kaboo.

For additional reference, you can also check out the list of companies not participating in GamStop. You will learn more about the factors causing gambling operators to work outside this scheme and types of such companies, and find the answers to popular questions.