GamStop Not Participating Companies

GamStop Not Participating Companies

If you are reading this review, you are definitely interested in getting a full description of the top companies not on the British self-exclusion scheme. The main peculiarity of GamStop not participating companies is that they are not regulated by UKGC and can accept self-excluded players and their bets.

Our team of experts thoroughly analyzed and picked up some interesting options that can become perfect finds for British players. Despite the fact that any gambling company not registered with GamStop is not a participant in the scheme, you can definitely trust it. In addition, by using the service of these companies, you will never face annoying restrictions implemented on platforms regulated by the UKGC.

GamStop Not Participating Companies

If you are looking for working options to bypass self-exclusion, our team of experts is here to help you. Below, you can check the list of trusted companies not working with GamStop.

  • N1 Interactive LTD
  • Marikit Holdings LTD
  • Cerberlot N.V.
  • Hollycorn N.V.
  • Vega World Solutions N.V.
  • Dama N.V.
  • SSC Entertainment N.V.
  • Prism Marketing N.V.
  • Medium Rare N.V.

Factors Causing Companies Not to Participate in GamStop Scheme

Often there are cases when gamblers join the self-exclusion program and soon change their mind. The problem here is that after that, they still remain on the blacklist until the end of the self-exclusion period. It is the main reason players take advantage of companies that don’t have GamStop.

Company Is Located Outside the UK

As is clear from the title, these companies do not have a license issued by UKGC and are located outside the UK. At the same time, they may have licenses from other regulators located in Malta, Gibraltar, Curacao, and so on. It means that they still adhere to all the norms of the gambling market, so you can safely use their services and choose games within your budget.

GamStop Regulations Are Too Stringent

It is no secret that GamStop companies are known for their loosely strict rules. For example, using the services non-GamStop company, you do not need to provide data about your status of the self-exclusion program or undergo a complicated ID verification. Therefore, you can focus more on the gameplay using the examples from our list.

Company Has Just Launched an Operator

Currently, about 200 online casino operators in the UK participate in the self-exclusion scheme. Thanks to this, you can self-exclude all of them simultaneously, literally in one click. At the same time, you can see how new casinos regularly appear on the market and that they do not connect to the scheme right away. In this case, the regulatory authority allows them to operate for some time necessary for integration into the GamStop program. During this period, you can use the full range of services offered by these casinos, even if you are on a self-exclusion program. It is definitely a good option you should take advantage of.

Operators Owned by Non-GamStop Companies

Our team of experts prepared a description of the main non-GamStop operators in the market that you can trust. For your convenience, we have divided them into those that offer exclusively casino services and those you can use to bet on your favourite sports team.

Q&A About Companies Not Participating in GamStop

Are iGaming companies outside GamStop legal?

Yes, these GamStop-free companies are absolutely legal and trusted. The only difference is that they have licenses issued by regulatory authorities located outside the UK.

Is it safe to play at operators launched by companies not participating in GamStop?

Indeed, casinos with UKGC licenses are considered the safest, but if you decide to play at non-GamStop sites, you also should not worry about personal data leakage or the security of financial transactions.

Where can I find more information about a non-GamStop company?

The information regarding companies that run online casinos is often open-source, so you can always use Google or look at to get more info on this topic.

What if I want to check info on an operator that is on GamStop?

No problem! We have come up a full list of British gambling operators that participate in GamStop for reference. The list is a comprehensive compilation of information about companies’ licensing, so feel free to use it to check the info you need.