How to Block All Gambling Sites in the UK?

how to block gambling sites

Do you have any friends other than dealers at life casinos and animations from online slots? If not, the time has come for you to take a break from gambling right now.

To help you during this time, we decided to teach you how to block all gambling websites on mobile phones and laptops. From free tools to premium technologies, there are plenty of ways to protect yourself. Within several minutes you can active self-restriction, which can last anything from 24 hours to forever. The choice is all yours. You just must be willing to make it.

If you notice symptoms of problem gambling and need a break, scroll down. Our iGaming experts have created the best guide on restricting your access to casino content. In this article, readers will:

  • learn how to block betting content charge-free;
  • find out the best gambling blockers for the UK and international players that aren’t free;
  • discover how you can block casino websites via your mobile carrier;
  • learn to restrict transactions to and from casino operators through your bank;
  • find answers to the most asked questions on this topic.

How to Block Gambling Sites for Free?

Are you fed up with seeing a countless number of distracting gambling ads? Well, here are a few ways in which you can protect yourself from clicking those “baits” one more time. The solution for avoiding independent online casino is quick and easy. Below, find a list of free gambling blocking software. All options are easily accessed and efficient.

#1 Register at Gamstop Scheme

Gamstop is an excellent choice for gamblers who want a completely free tool. It doesn’t work for casinos that don’t use Gamstop, but it’s perfect for blocking UK operators. Registration with Gamstop takes several minutes. Within 24 hours, you can self-exclude from all UK gambling sites licensed by the UKGC.

#2 Try BetBlocker

One way to keep yourself safe from gambling websites is BetBlocker, a tool that helps you control your gambling urges. This free platform enables you to block casino sites on iOS, Android, Linux, and Windows. Install it on as many devices as you wish.

#3 Block Gambling Transactions With your Bank

Another useful thing you can do is block gambling transactions with your bank. In the internet, you can easily find a full list of banks that allow you to block gambling transactions, and use it to discover whether your bank supports this option. Then, use the guidelines to self-restrict within several minutes.

#4 Block via Wi-Fi/Mobile Internet

An advanced method to quit casinos and bookies is to block gambling websites via Wi-Fi/Mobile Internet. All you need to do is use Content Advisor in Internet Explorer to manage Web access. To block access in browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, just edit the “Hosts” file.

#5 Use Inner Tools of Casino/Bookmaker

Are you are already registered at an online casino and just want to set limits? There is an easy way to limit the amount of time and money you spend gambling. Some online casinos offer inhouse self-restriction tools. These help customers impose their own limits on personal iGaming activities.

Paid Options to Block Gambling Websites

Free casino block tools are undoubtedly appropriate. However, there are a few cheap gambling blockers that you might find more useful if you always want to find out how to get around self-exclusion like Gamstop. Here, you will find more information about Gamban, NetNanny, Gamblock and BetFilter.

We chose these blockers as the most suitable products when the value for money is considered. Read below to find out why:

  1. Gamban. With a starting price of £24.99, Gamban app is an affordable gambling blocker for problem gamblers. The product boasts a broad reach that covers iGaming and betting sites. Plus, Gamban also blocks Facebook gambling games and other similar content. Users can test the product by subscribing to a free trial.
  2. NetNanny. It is a top-rated content filtering tool. The 1 desktop option for PC & Mac costs $39.99, while an annual family pass is $59.99. It includes five devices, each $11 per year. What’s excellent about NetNanny is that you can use it even on Kindle Fire and iPad.
  3. Gamblock. You can also block gambling sites on Samsung phone and other operation systems. This is possible according to Gamblock review. This platform uses sophisticated tech that blocks new gambling sites and content. The price for a yearly subscription to the Samsung self-exclusion plan is $200.40.
  4. BetFilter. This is another useful online blocking software. BetFilter UK has been tested on people with an actual gambling problem. Hence, it provides real solutions. It is available only on Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone. Annual subscription for Windows costs $69.95, which makes BetFilter a pricey option.

How to Restrict Gambling Operators via Mobile Carriers?

There are a variety of ways to block gambling sites apart from installing free or paid blocking software. You can simply prevent receiving casino offers through your mobile carrier.

This is possible for the users of Vodafone, EE, Virgin Media, 02 and Sky Broadband. Read below to find out how to restrict iGaming content on your mobile phone.


Just visit your “Content Profile” section to manage the type of sites you access. To change the settings, simply visit the “Content Controls” through the “My Vodafone” menu. There are several levels of restriction – Safe, Super Safe, and Ultra Safe. Gambling websites belong in the Ultra Safe section.

Virgin Media

Just log-in to “My Virgin Media” as the primary account holder. Head to the “My Apps” section and select “Parental Controls” with Virgin Media WebSafe. Hit the “Manage WebSafe” button. There, you get to choose whether Child Safe and Virus Safe are on or off.


On EE, there are 3 versions of content lock: moderate, off, and strict. You can either turn on Content Lock via text by texting “Strict” or “Moderate” to 879 or calling 1818. Alternatively, you can go to My EE website or app.


O2 has a rigorous content lock policy. In fact, it can block both betting and shopping sites. The content lock is installed automatically to protect children from harmful content. You’ll have to verify you’re over 18 by providing credit card details or showing your ID.

Sky Broadband

Sky Broadband Buddy is the latest product that protects users from unwanted websites. To use it, you need to be on one of the current broadband packages. Sky Broadband Boost is required too. It empowers you to manage every screen in your home from an app.

How to Block Gambling Transactions?

More and more banks are now enabling customers to block online gambling with credit card. It seems that these options have helped many to beat their gambling addiction. The number of people using such blocking services is increasing every day.

Therefore, a lot of high-street banks developed apps or products that offer support to vulnerable customers:


The UK bank brand Halifax has released a new feature on the mobile app. “Gambling card freeze” is here to help customers restrict their access to iGaming opportunities. The gambling transactions ban can be applied to any Halifax debit and credit card via the mobile app.


Barclays is one of the first banks to introduce the blocking feature in their app. To turn off betting-related payments, you need to go to the “Merchant Control” section of the Barclays app. Afterward, simply switch the “Gambling” section to off.


With HSBC, you can set and remove gambling restrictions. Just follow these simple steps: log on the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app using your Digital Secure Key. There, select “Account details” and then “Manage Cards.” Select “Gambling Restrictions” and choose the desired option for the card in question.


Gambling block is a feature on NatWest that blocks iGaming transactions. You activate it by opening your mobile app and selecting your relevant credit card. Navigate to the “Manage my card” page. There, under “Lock Card Settings,” select “Gambling Transactions” to enable the lock.


This bank has also updated its mobile app to empower consumers to restrict access to gambling content. To activate this tool, you should visit the bank’s money management app called Spendlytics. There, just block gambling transactions and you won’t be able to upload funds to online casinos.


Studies revealed that PayPal is a popular deposit method among problem gamblers. Still, until this day, it doesn’t offer a service that allows users to block betting and iGaming sites. Therefore, the best way to protect yourself from abusing your PayPal account is to cancel it altogether.


Access your RBS mobile app and choose your credit card. If you have more of them, you’ll have to repeat the process. Visit the “Manage my card” section and then find the “Lock Card Settings.” Select the “Gambling Transactions” checkbox to activate the RBS betting block.


This bank has the same approach as RBS and Santander when it comes to blocking content. They enable this function via their mobile app only. Rather than blocking access and content, you prevent transactions. Visit your Lloyds mobile app, select a card, and restrict iGaming transfers.


No gambling transaction will go through thanks to the Monzo gambling transaction blocker. Open your app, visit the “Account” tab, and select “Settings.” Access the “Control” and check the appropriate option. Alternatively, Monzo lets you activate this feature by contacting their customer care agents.

Gambling Block FAQs

What is the most effective way to stop gambling?

There is no single best way to prevent yourself from iGaming. Instead, you should take several measures and restrict your access to iGaming content. Getting a gambling blocker is the first step. Restriction such content via your mobile carrier and bank helps too.

Do these tools stop access to online casinos and betting sites?

Absolutely! Not only do they prevent gambling content from popping up on your devices, but they also have a vast range. Depending on the solution you choose, you get a variety of blocking options.

How to block gambling ads?

There are many ways to block casino and betting ads. From installing free software solutions like BetBlocker to sophisticated paid alternatives like NetNanny. The options are many. Check with your mobile carrier and bank too. They may offer services that prevent gambling ads from appearing on your screen.

What is the best free tool?

GamStop and BetBlocker are the two best gambling blockers that cost nothing.

What is the best paid tool?

This depends on your budget and expectations. Gamban, BetFilter, and Gamblock are all great products.