GambleAware Gambling Support and Training

GambleAware Gambling Support and Training

Gambling can be an entertaining pastime that helps you connect with other gaming enthusiasts and win impressive prizes, but it can also lead to overspending. That is precisely why responsible gambling organisations such as GambleAware offer crucial support and training for all those in need. Join us and learn all about this organisation, its services, and its activation process.

Understanding the GambleAware Organisation

GambleAware is an independent charity organisation that services British gaming enthusiasts. It educates on responsible gaming and helps prevent or reduce gaming behaviour on the verge of becoming an addiction.

This program includes early intervention, treatments across the UK, and a 24/7 free gambling helpline phone. You can access research and advice via this platform and find free and confidential support and treatment thanks to the National Gambling Support Network.

Services Offered by GambleAware

GambleAware is an organisation that offers you responsible gambling tools and services, including self-exclusion, education, and even advice. If you ever feel your gaming is getting out of control or you just want advice regarding responsible gambling, you can call the National Gambling Helpline.

There is also the self-assessment quiz that will help you determine whether you need additional responsible gambling tools or not. GambleAware can help you manage your budget, set financial goals, and even set a gambling spending limit. If self-exclusion is a better option for you, this organisation can connect you to multiple schemes that offer this protection measure.

By taking advantage of all of the tools and services available on the GambleAware platform, you can protect yourself from ever losing control of your gambling habits.

GambleAware Training for Professionals

If you are approaching the issue of gambling as a professional interested in helping British players stay safe, GambleAware has something for you, too. You may be a gambling industry professional or even a healthcare provider such as a psychologist looking to do good. The toolkits for education, advice, and support offered by GambleAware can help you contribute to a safer gambling environment. There are statistics, UK gambling maps, and even manuals about approaching and assisting gamblers that you can access free of charge.

How to Get GambleAware Support

The GambleAware website contains quite a lot of research and tools, but you still might require a personal touch. If that is the case, you can try communicating with a responsible gambling professional. You can do so via the 24/7 phone helpline, 24/7 live chat, and email.

The helpline phone number +448088020133 and the website live chat are your best options if you need help urgently. Both communication channels guarantee you’ll get an instant response from a real-life professional, not a bot.

The GambleAware email address is [email protected], and it is an excellent way to get more detailed information since it allows the professional to give you an in-depth explanation. The one downside is the 2-day average waiting time.

GambleAware and GamStop: Same or Different?

GambleAware is a charity organisation that develops research and creates services and toolkits with one purpose – to help British players control their gaming impulses. This platform offers access to internal and external responsible gambling tools for players and professionals.

Compared to that, GamStop has a much more limited but focused area of expertise since its only purpose is to be a self-exclusion scheme. You can use GamStop as a player who wants to prevent himself from accessing any online gambling site from 6 months up to 5 years. While there are certain foreign casinos not in the GamStop scheme, if a platform is licensed by the UKGC, you won’t be able to access it.


Can gamblers’ friends and families use GambleAware’s tools and services?

Most definitely! GambleAware doesn’t just focus its toolkits, research, and services on the players but on everyone that might be affected, including a gamer’s loved ones. You can access an assessment quiz, guidance about starting a conversation, and more using this platform.

Are GambleAware's services free of charge?

Most of GambleAware’s services are free of charge, as this is primarily a charity organisation. However, you might have to pay a fee if you want to access some of the specialised counselling and training programs available.

Is GambleAware available outside the UK?

GambleAware’s primary focus is the UK and its players, so most services and resources are localised. That being said, there are certain services and tools, such as the self-assessment quiz and budget calculator, that you can access from outside the UK.

Other Options for Responsible Gambling for UK Players

GambleAware is one of the most thorough organisations regarding research and services for gamblers. Of course, other programs have a more focused scope of operations. If you are looking for something like that, check out the schemes below: