Gamban Review


Do you need a break from online gambling and betting? Are you cheating self-exclusion services by playing at casino without Gamstop? Well, it seems that the right solution for you is Gamban, a tool that bans you from accessing any iGaming content. Keep reading this expert Gamban software review. We promise you will learn all about this innovative problem gambling solution.

Developers created this product as a simple and affordable tool that helps players stay away from triggers. Besides the capability to block gambling sites, the service also limits access to all types of Internet gaming. These include esports, sportsbooks, skins, cryptocurrencies, and even trading websites.

Gamban will elegantly handle a severe issue for you. Plus, nobody will even know you’re using it. Interested in the product yet? Read further this article, and discover the following:

  • How the Gamban platform works;
  • What are the main advantages of using this system;
  • The most significant drawbacks of using the software to fight problem gambling;
  • How to remove Gamban from your devices;
  • The most popular questions related to this product.

How does Gamban Work?

Gamban is software that helps problem gamblers stay away from all casinos and betting sites even without verification. This product employs multi-layered bans that ensure users won’t access any iGaming-related websites.

Players can install the platform on a range of different devices, including laptops and smartphones. Gamban aims at banning all gambling apps and European casinos. If a destination opens somehow, the system will block transactional functionality. Thus, making it impossible to deposit.

Pros of Gamban

Needless to say, Gamban plays a massive role in preventing problem gambling. The software is easy to install and among the cheapest solutions on the market. Gamban generally has positive reviews by users, who claim that the product helped them take a break when they needed it the most. Scroll down and learn the main strengths of using this platform described by experts of NonStopCasino.

  1. Available on mobile phones. Besides being compatible with Windows and Macs, Gamban works on Android and iOS devices too. Any Android Lollipop or later and iOS 9.0 or later devices support the app. Just install it from the appropriate app store (Google Play or Apple App Store), and you’re good to go.
  2. Light and cheap. Unlike other solutions that cost hundreds of pounds, Gamban is exceptionally affordable. Individual users can have it on all their devices using a single licence. The annual cost of this it is £24.99 and grants you access to expert resources as well as live tech support.
  3. Easy to download and install. Downloading and installing Gamban takes no more than several minutes. Smartphone users click the “Install” button in the Google or Apple app stores. The system will do the rest. Installing it on Windows and Macs is equally fast and straightforward.
  4. Free trial. Anyone can see if Gamban works for them by testing the software. Namely, the brand offers a 14-day free trial of the product, which is perfect for experiencing it. Once you open the app, just start the free trial. The system will be fully functional for the next two weeks.

Cons of Gamban

Self-exclusion schemes haven’t been the perfect solution for problem gamblers and bettors. Unfortunately, the same applies to software like Gamban too. Besides the mostly positive feedback, there have been complaints about the system also. So, if you plan to use Gamban, make sure to go over its main drawbacks first. These will help you set your expectations straight as well as prepare you in case common issues arise.

  1. Some ways around it. It seems that British gamblers have discovered ways to access non UK based online casinos, even with Gamban installed on their devices. Some claim on Trustpilot that the app would stop working after restarting their smartphone. Others reported that they could completely close it and then gamble without any issues.
  2. No live chat. Gamban claims to offer live tech support to its users. Yet, most consumers are united in the claim that the service simply fails to deliver in this aspect. There are reports that live chat is either unavailable or slow. Of course, this can lead to severe consequences for problem gamblers.
  3. Technical problems may occur. Possibly the most serious issue with Gamban is the occasional technical problems. Users have complained that the app has been preventing them from accessing the internet, which is a massive glitch. Others, on the other hand, have stated that Gamstop would stop working after system updates.

How to Uninstall Gamban?

The point of Gamban is to prevent players from accessing gambling-related content. Hence, merely uninstalling the platform isn’t an option. Until your Gamban licence is active, you won’t be able to visit regular and betting companies not on Gamstop. Even if you choose to close your account, the system won’t let you remove the app from your devices. So, the only way to uninstall Gamban is to wait for your subscription to expire or to contact the support staff.

Gamban Alternatives

Having trouble finding the best method on how to block betting apps? Well, if Gamban didn’t do the trick, we have some alternatives in stock. Some of these are free services, and others are paid tools! Discover more about each one of them and pick the one that makes the most sense to your needs.

  1. Net Nanny. It is an award-winning service for browsing the internet and blocking inappropriate content. While the company’s primary target audience is families with kids, it can be used by problem gamblers as well. The service offers a website alongside a top-class app blocker. Net Nanny UK is a paid tool.
  2. BetBlocker. Looking for ways to control your gambling? Check out BetBlocker reviews! It’s a 100% free tool that can be used on several devices. BetBlocker works on over 10,000 sites and allows you to set the length of your self-exclusion. Once installed, BetBlocker can’t be removed until your blocking period expires.
  3. BetFilter. This is a trustworthy and reputable anti-gambling software provider. BetFilter requires a monthly fee of $5 (around £4) and is accessible across all devices. The service is 100% discreet so that you won’t be bothered by any unnecessary alerts. During your exclusion period, you’ll be unable to remove it.
  4. Gamblock. When it comes to Gamblock review, the name explains its service perfectly. Gamblock has been helping problem gamblers since 2000. Regardless if you own an iPhone or a Windows PC, you won’t have any trouble installing Gamblock. Unlike other sites, Gamblock blocks new iGaming sites on its own.

Gamban FAQs

Is Gamban free?

No. A one-year Gamban licence costs £24.99. Players can test the platform using a 14-day free trial.

Cannot install Gamban. What then?

Installing Gamban is easy and simple. If your antivirus detects it as a suspicious program, you should whitelist it. Then, proceed with the installation. If you have further issues installing Gamban, contact their customer support for help.

How to get around Gamban?

Anyone who has installed the platform to prevent themselves from excessive gambling shouldn’t look for ways to get around it.