Does GamStop Affect Credit Rating?

Does Gamstop Affect Credit Rating

GamStop program for self-exclusion has gained massive publicity and popularity due to the UK Gambling Commission’s Regulation. Ideally, GamStop is driven towards reducing the high rate of gambling-related harm. Although there are ways around GamStop, the question about it affecting the credit rating seems to be of concern. It is now clear that GamStop doesn’t affect your credit rating.

Worrying about it, many players in the UK keep playing on non GamStop casino sites, but the truth is that there is no footprint seen on credit rating by GamStop. GamStop has no connection or reason for an impact on the credit rating. Now I can categorically let you know that GamStop doesn’t check the punters’ credit file when they sign up. So, punters can get this burden off their neck.

What Else You Should Know About GamStop

As we have figured out, GamStop has no effect on the credit rating of its users. However, there are many other misconceptions about GamStop shared by many online casino players. To sort things out, here is a list of articles about GamStop: