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The small team behind the amazingness of NonStopCasino.org is made up of two casino lovers, William Terry and Rob Davies. This team is well-balanced, as it has a legal expert and a journalism expert. William Terry is our legal expertise with complete knowledge and understanding of the jurisprudence system of the United Kingdom in his head, and a gambler since online gambling was made legal. Rob Davies, on the other hand, is a self-acclaimed journalist with a master’s degree and a lot of interest in the world of problem gambling and addictions.

These two come together to provide readers with all the best information on anything related to casinos, on NonStopCasino.org.

Our Aim: To Find Trusted Casino Sites

There are hundreds of casino sites available on the internet today, and even with all the measures put in place by gambling commissions, it’s still hard for a newbie to differentiate a legal casino from a rigged one. Our beginnings with online casinos were just like everyone else’s.

We looked for suitable sites, and once in a while, ended up with a fake site that mysteriously shut down after a short time. We had trouble understanding the laws, well Rob did (as William is a legal expert), and tried hard to understand the terms and conditions of casinos. Looking at how hard it is to navigate the world of online gambling, it’s only natural that we combine our school knowledge and love of gaming, leading to NonStopCasino.org.

The goal of this site is not only to find casino sites that you can play your favourite games at but trusted casinos. Many illegal and rigged casinos are mixed up with the good ones on the internet, but we will pick them out for you, so you don’t fall victim to some of the scams we did when starting with online gambling. This site thoroughly reviews casinos that are legal, licensed and regulated by a gambling commission. Not only this, but the casino must accept UK players.

From the license to the Random Number Generator, everything that makes a casino fair is checked thoroughly, presenting players with the finished product of trusted casino sites that accept UK players.

Our goal doesn’t stop here, as we are also focused on helping players take full advantage of these trusted casinos. There’s no point playing your favourite gambling games without enjoying some unique features, bonuses, and promotions. We single out casinos with the best rewards with the most reasonable terms and conditions. The exclusive rewards are at your fingertips with NonStopCasino.org.

We check out casinos with the highest match bonuses or no-deposit bonus and also read through the fine print of the terms and conditions, and the wagering requirements.

With all these aims put together, you can see that we simply want to give players the tools they need to navigate online gambling. From the types of casinos they play at to the bonuses they enjoy, we provide them with everything they need to know about gambling their favourite games.

What We Do Best?

At NonStopCasino.org, we focus mainly on thoroughly reviewing online casinos. This is what our team does best, but it’s more complicated than it sounds. There are a lot of elements and features that a casino has, and all of these have to be considered when presenting players with the best sites. If a mistake is made, then players might end up with a casino that offers unreasonable wagering requirements or games with low quality on mobile phones. Thus, we dive into these casinos and judge them based on specific unnegotiable standards. We enlarge the fine print hidden under massive welcome bonuses and read in between the lines of terms and conditions. This way, you don’t fall into the trap of any illegal or unlicensed casino.

Our focus is mostly on UK players, although we are gradually expanding and understanding the global online gambling industry. When providing reviews for our UK players, we consider specific standards.

  • License and Security
    This is the essential feature that we check before reviewing a site. If a casino is licensed and regulated by a gambling commission, we go on with checking other aspects and presenting a review. This way, you are given casinos that provide fair and transparent games. The security of the casino is also important, especially since many casinos require your personal information.
  • Bonuses and Promotions
    No player wants to gamble at an online casino with no or unreasonable bonuses and promotions. From the welcome bonus to all the weekly cashback and loyalty bonuses, we look through all bonuses thoroughly and present you with a review. We also consider the bonus terms and conditions, and if they are reasonable, as well as the wagering requirements and how feasible it is.
  • Games Collection and Live Casino
    The main point of a casino is to gamble on your favourite games, and so we always focus on how extensive the game collection of a casino is. The presence of a live casino also attracts more points for any casino. The developers behind these casino games are also important.
  • User-Friendliness and Interface
    Lastly, we consider how easy and convenient it is to use the online casino. A part of this is how many payment methods are offered and how comfortable they are. The customer service options are also relevant, as well as how easy it is to navigate the website. Casinos with a clean interface and user-friendly features get more points. If a casino is optimized for mobile devices, it’s even better.

Apart from reviewing online casinos, we also focus on many other parts of the iGaming industry. Roy, our journalist, focuses on problem gambling and gambling addiction. All the sites we review are in partnership with recognized UK organizations that combat gambling addiction. We also believe that the fine line between gambling and being addicted should not be crossed.

We dive into the legal technicalities of the online gambling industry with the help of our legal expert, William. From the current laws to any new legislation and regulation released, we do our best to break them down into layman terms for all our readers to understand and stay on the safe side of gambling laws.

As lovers of casino games, we are continually mixing business with pleasure. We play countless casino games, from online slots to variants of all table games, and when we come up with a new strategy, we can’t wait to share it with all our readers at NonStopCasino.org. Our gambling community is all about playing better at casino games and winning big.

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